State Comm Plan

As part of the ramp up to Cascadia Rising 2016, there will be an effort to update the Washington State RACES Communications Plan. This plan is currently an annex to the ESF2 (Communications) section of the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). The current plan is dated November 2013 and is available by clicking the following LINK.

The current intention is to break the plan into three pieces. There will be a strategic plan focused on Emergency Management that will explain the structure, nature and activation process for amateur radio support that will become part of the state CEMP. There will also be a tactical plan focused on the amateur radio operators who will be implementing the plan and include more technical details. Finally, a collection of white papers and case studies demonstrating best practices on various topics to show how a group could implement various technologies and techniques for maximum advantage. All of these plans and documents will be posted here when available.

A Google discussion group has been created called WA Emcomm Discussions to facilitate collecting input on the various topics in the plan. Feel free to join the group and participate if you have relevant feedback and examples. We look forward to receiving feedback from around the state to understand the needs and concerns of all teams providing amateur emergency communications in Washington State.