EMD Trailer

Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) has a tool in it's arsenal for communications. It is a fully equipped, ready-to-roll communications trailer. The trailer has HF, VHF, UHF, CEMNET and Satellite radios. It also has ATV on 440 and 1.2 GHz, 1200 and 9.6K packet on UHF & VHF and Pactor 3 on HF. All the radios, including the public safety and emergency management radios can be interconnected for cross--band operation. A wireless network is connected to the internet via satellite and has considerable server capability onboard. The trailer is powered by a diesel generator, solar cells, a wind generator or shore power. The computer severs onboard utilizes a Wi-Fi system to allow for wireless access from laptop computers with in range of the trailer. The computer system has Web EOC to better able the staff using this unit to share real-time documents. The range of the Wi-Fi system will be extended by the addition of an additional Wi-Fi antenna to the trailer unit.

Among the other communications capabilities that the trailer provide is VoIP telephone service via the computer and satellite systems on board. This will allow the use of Echolink and other VoIP programs for standard voice communications.

The trailer utilizes a variety of antennas on the 30' motorized crank-up tower for the UHF/VHF band radios and a NVIS prototype antenna for HF work on 75-60-40 meters.

Still to be added to the trailer are an 800 MHz. trunking radio (Motorola), a VHF-AM aircraft radio and an analog PBX switchboard for onsite analog telephone service.