State Leadership

 Michael Ritz, W7VO ARRL Division Director w7vo at
 Mark Tharp, KB7HDX  ARRL Vice Director  kb7hdx at

 Monte Simpson, W7FF Section Manager (SM) w7ff at
 Frank Wolfe, NM7R ARES Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) nm7r at
 Steve Ward, WC7I
 Assistant SEC (ASEC) wc7i at
 Scott Dakers, W7GSD
 Assistant SEC (ASEC) - W7EMD at
 Marina Zuetell, N7LSL Assistant SEC (ASEC) - Medical Services Team (MST) n7lsl at
 Kim Aiken, AC7YY Assistant SEC (ASEC) - 501c3 ac7yyhome at
 Bill Frazier, W7ARC Section NTS Traffic Manager  w7arc at

 Jack Tiley, AD7FO  Section Manager (SM) ad7fo at
 Robert Fisher, WA7RF ARES Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) wa7rf at

Washington State RACES
 Monte Simpson, W7FF Section Manager (SM) w7ff at
 Frank Wolfe, NM7R Assistant State RACES Officer nm7r at
 Robert Fisher, WA7RF Assistant State RACES Officer wa7rf at
 Rick Olsen, N6NR WSEN Net Manager n6nr at

Washington State Emergency Management Division defines 9 Regions within the state.  These correspond directly to the 9 ARES Districts.  District M is the Medical Services Team (MST) and operates statewide.