Welcome to the Washington State Emergency Net (WSEN). This net has been in service for many decades for the purpose of on-air support of the various ARES/RACES/ACS organizations in our state.  Members are encouraged to use the net to test and maintain the communications capabilities of their equipment, as well as that of the field resources of their respective organizations and teams.  WSEN meets each week on Mondays at 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, 6:30 PM when daylight savings time rolls around, and on Saturdays at 9:00 AM local time year-round.  We normally meet on 3985 kHz, with secondary frequencies of 3990 and 7245 kHz.  Net control may shift up or down frequency because of interference or prior occupancy as necessary, so if you don’t hear us on our primary frequency, we’re most likely on one of the secondary frequencies listed, or nearby. 

All amateurs interested in emergency communications are invited to check in, so don’t be bashful.  If you are an ARES/RACES/ACS member and are not currently on the roll call, check in anyway when your geographical area is called.  If you are an out-of-state visitor, you can check in after roll call has been completed.  Members and newcomers are requested to forward additions or changes to the roster to your EC, and to our net manager, Rick Olsen, N6NR.  His email address is N6NR at ARRL dot net.

Note to Net Controls: 

For 2016 we are trying something new.  If you are the scheduled net control, go ahead and use the time prior to the net – interference and prior occupancy permitting – to assign a volunteer or two to act as your relay station.  You can also take some early check-ins for those who have prior commitments and need to run off before the start of the net.  It’s totally up to you as to whether or not you want to do that prior to net. 

Additionally, there is now a Word version of the roster available for download. It has check box fill-in capability.  You’ll need to be using Word 2010 or later to make that work.  Make sure that you download the file to your computer.  The on-line Word function doesn’t allow the check boxes to work.  When the net is over, modify the file name with today’s date and send it to Rick, N6NR.  This year we are tracking check-in statistics, which is something we haven’t done in several years.  Thanks a million for being one of our net control ops.  Your time and dedication is deeply appreciated.

WSEN Net Schedule

Every Monday - 1830L 3985 kHz (alternates 3990 and 7245 kHz)
    Winter Months: 1730L at 3985 kHz. or until band conditions improve
Every Saturday - 0900L 3985 kHz (alternates 3990 and 7245 kHz)